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Why do I do what I do? Creative Serendipity. There are few things that bring me more joy than when I have my hair on top of my head, with all my supplies spread around me, creating. It’s when creativity strikes and all the elements just come together perfectly. When I hesitate to post something because I want to keep it for myself, thats when I know it’s ready. Each piece is made with so much love, so many good vibes and the healing and strengthening properties of the crystals they contain. The elements I use are of the highest quality and collected during my travels from all the wonderful places that inspire me.

I am a classic jeans and T shirt kind of girl, but nothing makes me feel more polished than when my jewels are just right. . . from my rings to my wrists. Everybody has their favorite thing that makes them feel like a million bucks, and for me its my jewelry. In a world where everyone is racing off to everywhere, I love creating that feeling for my customers with something that just slips on when they are slipping out.

. . . feeling fabulous in your own skin . . .